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Chengdu iDeaction Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. Its office address is located in No. 6, floor 11, Building 4, Unit 1, No. 333 Jiqing Third Road, High-tech Zone. Our company has the industry's top development team and a relaxed and upward working atmosphere, committed to developing games for the global mobile platform, to provide mobile users with a perfect game experience.

If you want to be a professional game developer, here is everything you want!

Human Resources Email:
Market promotion
Job responsibilities:
1. Formulate a complete marketing plan during the period of product operation, complete market positioning, user positioning, activity planning and other work, and follow-up implementation.
2. Can independently complete the product news spot excavation and event propaganda.
3. Explore and expand new publicity channels to promote more effective implementation of market programs.
4. Be responsible for using advertising, ASO, and community operations to obtain users.

1. Above 3 years of rich experience in Internet game market and channel delivery.
2. Have flexible mind, keen marketing awareness, good at integrating and utilizing various market resources.
3. Hve outstanding oral and written skills, good at producing PPT, such as market planning, activities, and other various publicity materials.
4. Have well-connected in Internet, media and other fields, have excellent business development capabilities.
5. Have excellent ability of communication, coordination and organization.
6. Have independent game project work experience will be preferred.
Unity mobile client development
Job responsibilities:
1. Develop Android and IOS platform games using the Unity3D engine.
2. Responsible for the design and implementation of each functional module in the game according to the requirements.
3. Responsible for the development and expansion of Unity3D related plug-ins and editors according to requirements.
4. Responsible for client development, performance analysis and optimization of Android and IOS platforms.

1. Familiar with the C# language. More than 2.1 years of experience in developing actual projects for Unity3D engines.
3. Familiar with object-oriented design, design patterns. Has a good coding habits, rigorous coding style.
4. Familiar with the Unity3D editor, familiar with the Unity3D game production process.
5. Familiar with the basic architecture of the Unity3D engine. Familiar with Unity3D rendering, physics, resource management, performance analysis and other modules.
6. Have good team spirit and communication skills.
7. There is a priority in the development of complete online mobile game products.