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The iOS version of AMG is released on AppStore
Commanders, the iOS version of AMG is able to download and install on the official website. Wish you have a pleasant game experience!

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Open beta of AMG is provided
AMG officially launched on November 10!

Commanders, thank you very much for your long-standing support. After our unremitting efforts, Android version AMG will be able to pre-download at 12:00 on November 9 and officially launched at 12:30 on November 10.

Special tips:
1. Because of Apple's review, the iOS version will online later than Android. After the review, we will present it to you ASAP.
2. As we prepare to make AMG online, we are also actively preparing for new ways of playing and new warships. There will be a new function called "Galaxy Warfare" in open beta, and new warships will be updated one after another.

Commanders, let's go ahead on this expedition!
On November 10th, we are together.
Introduction of Parental Guardianship Project
With the popularity of Internet among teenagers, it has become a common phenomenon for minors to contact online games. In order to protect the healthy participation of minors in games, parents should also strengthen guardianship and guidance on the premise that the government further strengthens industry management. To this end, we offer the following opinions for minors to participate in online games:
1. Actively control the game time. Game is just the adjustment of study and life. We should actively participate in all kinds of activities offline, and let parents know their behavior and experience in online games.
2. Not participating in game settings that may consume more time. Do not play large role-playing games, do not play games with PK settings. Students at school play games for no more than 2 hours a week and spend no more than 10 yuan per month.
3. Don't regard games as spiritual sustenance. Especially when we encounter pressure and frustration in real life, we should communicate with family and friends more, not rely on games to relieve pressure.
4. Develop a positive and healthy game mentality. To overcome the psychology of comparing, showing off, hatred and revenge, and avoid the formation of bad network habits such as bullying and robbing others.
5. Pay attention to protecting personal information. Including personal family, friend identity information, family, school, unit address, telephone number, etc., to prevent network traps and cyber crime.